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Parents' Counselling, Guidance & Training Programme

This program for parents is as important as that of training for children. Training at home, will facilitate the child to improve faster and building confidence in the child and also in parents.

Towards this goal, the centre has the following activities : -

  • Three workshops in a year will be conducted to train the parents regarding special educational methods
  • Individual counseling and guidance to the parent as and when required
  • Meeting will be conducted once a year in each child’s home. Relatives of the child and neighbors will attend this meeting. This program is very successful in changing the attitude of people around. It has helped to accept the children with a disability.

Active Participation by the Parents

As a result of all the activities conducted for parents, we are happy that there is a very good participation & involvement in all the activities of the centre by most of the parents.

Prathibha Kuteera – Demonstration by Parents

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