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Development of Materials

Manonandana technical team headed by Dr. Kusuma Bhatta, Founder of Manonandana Trust, has developed materials and behavior technique methods to develop various skills in children.

Assessment Kit

An assessment kit has been developed to assess the developmental level in various areas like speech, language, cognition, motor, social, and self-help skills. This is based on clinical experience, detailed study of development in normal children, various tests available in Indian version etc. The whole procedure adopted in a battery of tests is ecology-based and is used at the centre.

Materials for pre-writing skills

The writing skills demands the acquisition of various concepts like direction, shape, size and mostly relationship between two characters, before starting the actual writing. This exercise is a very important step for all the children, particularly the special children.

The Manonandana team has developed 15 characters to develop pre-writing skills.

Modification of traditional games

Many existing games help the children to develop many skills, particularly the social skills. The Manonandana Team selected a few traditional games like Pagade,  Alagulimane,  Chowkabhara,  ChinniDandu etc. to develop various skills. Modification of these games are made to meet the needs of the children, like big enough to handle the materials, easily visible and attractive with simpler rules.

Development of augmentative and alternative communication devices

There are some special children who are unable to develop oral speech. For such children there is a need to develop an alternative communication system. The centre has developed many such aids – picture, picture-word, word sentences board.These are low-cost electronic aids and can also be used effectively as augmentative systems.

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